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You’re Never Too Old to Find Love

There are many times in my short-ish life that I’ve heard people say that they’re too old to have or get what they want. Or that they couldn’t get into a relationship with someone because they are

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Why loving yourself first is the best place to start.

I find myself getting stuck on how to begin this post because let’s be honest the title is such a cliché isn’t it? Love yourself first before anyone else can. Usually this is where the advice ends

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The power of knowing what you DON’T want

As much as we need to know what we do want, knowing what we don’t want is also extremely important too. BUT, just knowing what you don’t want isn’t enough, you need to write this stuff down!! Why,

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The power of knowing what you do want.

It’s only when you know what you do want that you can actually take steps that move you forward, towards your goal. If you don’t know what you do want you leave your life to chance and whilst that

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Changing your ‘story’

So it might be a good idea for me to explain what ‘your story’ is before I explain why changing your story is something that instantly propels us forwards. ‘Your story’ is something that you tell

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Am I being too fussy?

Am I being to fussy?? I get this question a lot- mainly women will say to me. ‘Are my standards too high?’ or ‘maybe I’m just being too picky?’ The answer is no they are not. That’s the problem

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