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The power of knowing what you do want.

It’s only when you know what you do want that you can actually take steps that move you forward, towards your goal. If you don’t know what you do want you leave your life to chance and whilst that might seem like fun, it usually yields some rubbish and ‘not quite what you wanted’ results.

How do you get to know what you DO want?

Well once you’ve written down and got rid of what you don’t want (have a read of this page if you haven't already) you’ll be clear and able to focus on what you do want.

When you know what you do want, it’s a great idea to write it down as if you already have it. Once you have done this put it somewhere that you know you’ll see it and read it every day. When I was attracting Daniel I put what I had written in my bra, so that every night and morning I could read what I had written and FEEL what it felt like to already have it. I also had it with me throughout the day for those wobbly moments where I thought I was going to end up a lonely old cat lady.

It might be tough but you have to let go of all the things you don’t want, once you have acknowledged them first. You have to KNOW what you don’t want so well that you don’t actually have to give it any attention anymore. That frees you up to give the attention to what you do want.

If you are struggling with knowing what you do want, head over to and take my ecourse as I go into much much more detail on this and other key steps in getting you on track to Find That Match.

About the Author TraceyAnne

TraceyAnne is a Relationship Life Coach qualified in Neuro-linguistic Programming. She is the founder of, a website and ecourse devoted to helping others find love.