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The power of knowing what you DON’T want

As much as we need to know what we do want, knowing what we don’t want is also extremely important too. BUT, just knowing what you don’t want isn’t enough, you need to write this stuff down!!

Why, I hear you cry?

So that you can clear your mind and give the negative stuff the space to leave your mind and be free from your body. It has been proven time and time again, writing stuff down helps our brains process things better. For some people it can feel terrifying to be negative (which isn’t a bad thing) but life needs to be balanced and if you ignore what you don’t want it often comes out somewhere else in your life.

You might be someone who is CONSTANTLY going on and on to anyone who will listen about what you don’t want. So it’s time to SHUT UP and write this stuff down, get EVERYTHING out. When you think you’ve finished, keep going so that you can really get it ALLLL out. I bet that even if you are someone who is very good at knowing what you don’t want some more stuff will come up for you. This is the very reason that it’s important to write it down because what you’re verbally saying out loud might not be all that you are thinking. When you want something in your life to change, you have to do something different.

The reason you need to shut up and write it down is because you are about to change your story. Your story is that stuff that you tell people about who you are! You know the stuff where you say ‘Oh I’m always on time’ or ‘I’m always late’ you might even say something negative about men/women. So it’s time to stop talking to people about what you don’t want and let them know what you do want.

Often my clients are so stuck in their ‘story’ and moaning about their life that they aren’t even clear about what they don’t want and if you don’t get clear about what you don’t want, you cannot even begin to get clear on what you do want!

Now what are you waiting for. Get a pen and paper and get writing, it is time to start changing your story!!

About the Author TraceyAnne

TraceyAnne is a Relationship Life Coach qualified in Neuro-linguistic Programming. She is the founder of, a website and ecourse devoted to helping others find love.