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You’re Never Too Old to Find Love

There are many times in my short-ish life that I’ve heard people say that they’re too old to have or get what they want. Or that they couldn’t get into a relationship with someone because they are too stuck in their ways and couldn’t hack having another person to think about.

This for me is a mindset that I simply cannot fathom. I understand that sure there are perhaps people out there that do actually want to remain single. But for those that actually want to get into a relationship, I want to shout out THAT IT CAN HAPPEN. IT WILL HAPPEN. BUT its NOT going to happen. Well not YET……. Stay with me…..

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About the Author TraceyAnne

TraceyAnne is a Relationship Life Coach qualified in Neuro-linguistic Programming. She is the founder of, a website and ecourse devoted to helping others find love.